Let’s Get Cookin’

Our family loves to cook. We love to bake too. And entertain. It’s fun for us, it’s part of who we are.

Jenn was diagnosed with Celiac Disease nineteen years ago and Flo and Tracy have spent years perfecting gluten free recipes as have other friends and family members so that Jenn and her kids could continue eating at family events safely.

Over the years certain kitchen products and tools have become our favorites and today I am going to share some of these with you all. The links are affiliate links which mean if you place an order after clicking on a link we will receive a small commission – that commission doesn’t impact the price you pay in any way.

I was given a stand mixer a couple years ago and it has become one of the best and most often used tools in my kitchen. It makes it so much easier to make angel food cake, marshmallows, whipped cream, frostings, and so much more! This Cuisinart 5-quart mixer is on sale at the time of this post for 45% off which is a HUGE savings!

Another favorite product in all of our households is this “meat masher”. It goes by other names as well, but it’s great at chopping up meat as it’s cooking and I use mine at least three to four times a week!

The last product I have to share with you all tonight is an Instant Pot. Fresh corn can be made perfectly and in minutes. Chicken and roast are made perfectly every time. I make tons of different types of rice just because I can without it taking long. It’s really convenient and easy to use and clean.

It’s getting late and so for tonight I’m done. I appreciate you joining us and hope you find some great deals through here. For tons of great deals please visit our facebook group Family Daily Deals.

Before you go though, I would love to hear what your favorite kitchen gadgets are and what you’ve been looking to add to your kitchen collection.

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