Hi there!

A little about us to get started.

We are Flo, Jenn, and Tracy. Flo is the matriarch of our family and has recently entered retirement. Jenn and Tracy are her adult daughters who are both in the workforce and raising kids of their own while trying to figure out better ways to live their lives. Going broke on the items we need or want wasn’t part of the plan so we started sharing deals we found and have decided to take it one step further and share those deals with you all too!

Family Daily Deals partners with sites that provide affiliate programs – which means they pay us a small commission for purchases made through the links we post. This doesn’t mean you pay more for the items we post, in fact, since we are doing research we often find deals or codes that you may not have found as easily. Essentially we are doing the research so you can get a great deal!

Jenn is a research fanatic. Tracy is a shopaholic. Flo is a super supporter of her daughters and acts as a sounding board and giver of advice. Together we are the Family Daily Deals team!

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